About Us

Here on the beautiful south east coast of Kent, between Hythe and Folkestone, there is now a new and innovative way to enjoy the coastline for residents and visitors alike.

click2cycle brings to life the dream of offering people a fun, healthy and green way to explore the area on two wheels. Our small, family team is dedicated to providing the most flexible bike hire service using the latest lock and app technology so that customers can be on their way with just a few clicks on their mobile phone.

There has been an explosion of bike share schemes in cities across the country and we are excited to play a part in extending this to the part of Kent that we know best. We want to encourage more people to be active and enjoy the many benefits that cycling offers, whilst taking advantage of the many local attractions in the area. The added value provided by our links with local businesses, will ensure that our customers get the most out of their bike share experience, with no wait, no time constraint and no hassle!

Meet the Team

Behind the wheels and the digital wizardry lies a small family team with an abundance of skills and a passion for enjoying the great outdoors.

Marc Carney | Managing Director


Having run his own successful electrical business for more than 20 years, Marc has a head for business and knows a thing or two about project management.

A keen cyclist and windsurfer, Marc takes every opportunity to get out on the bike or on to the waves and is happy to share his love for the local landscape with click2cycle customers.

Elliot Carney | Logistics & Bike Technician


Elliot is a former GB windsurfer and Olympic training partner who has worked with some of the top athletes in his field. Whilst competing at elite level, cycling formed an important part of Elliot’s fitness training which, in turn, fuelled his interest in bike building and maintenance. The combination of an athlete’s commitment and a talent for mechanics make Elliot a great asset to the click2cycle team.

Claudia Carney | Administrator


Like her brother, Claudia also trained as a windsurfer at elite level, whilst simultaneously studying sports development. Moving into teaching board sports, Claudia was keen to introduce stand up paddle boarding and recently successfully launched the first SUP school in the area. This entrepreneurial spirit is behind click2cycle and Claudia is working closely with the design team and partners to ensure the best possible bike share experience. She shares the family passion for helping people to get active both on the water and now on two wheels.

ORBIT Folkestone | Brand & Design


ORBIT FOLKESTONE is an experienced and passionate community of designers, project managers, photographers, web designers, filmmakers and artists. Every client they work with becomes a part of the community. They love working with exciting start-ups and on projects that contribute to the regeneration of the town.

Paul Markland | Finance & Marketing Manager


Following a successful career in marketing within the tourism sector, Paul has a wealth of relevant experience to help put click2cycle on the tourist map. His input to the project is insightful and keeps us on track. Paul is delighted to introduce a new way for people to discover the delights of the Kent coastline.

Helen Seamer | PR


With a background in the Diplomatic Service, Helen has great credentials for her role in marketing support. A whizz with words, Helen loves alliteration! She also loves exploring the local countryside with her dog and is excited to get into cycling with click2cycle.