Early Bird OfferPEAK SEASON: April - September

Sign-up before 30th April and save 25% on your Monthly Pass

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What is the Monthly Pass?

Our Monthly Pass is perfect for local residents, commuters and frequent users looking to ride our bikes regularly. Subscribers now receive 2 FREE 30 MINUTE RIDES PER DAY, which means that our subscription package is even more affordable and eco-friendly. The Monthly Pass works out at approximately 20p per day.

How much does it cost?

Our Monthly Pass is £8. However, if you sign-up before 30th April 2019 you will receive a 25% discount for the PEAK SEASON (April-September 2019). This means that as an Early Bird customer you will only pay £6 per month.


The Monthly Pass is billed on a 30-day cycle starting from the day you choose to sign-up. Due to limits on our payment gateway, monthly subscribers will be billed as follows;
April: £8 (£6 refund will be issued)
May: £8
June: £8
July: £8
August: £8
September: £8 (£6 refund will be issued)
Total: £48
Discount: £12 (25%)
Total: £36

Terms & Conditions

The Early Bird Offer is only valid for customers who subscribe for the full six month PEAK SEASON (April - September 2019). Customers who opt-out early will be required to pay the remaining balance.