Frequently asked questions

You will need a smartphone to download the LINKA GO app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, choose click2cycle.

Download link: App store 

Download link: Google Play

We recommend that your phone is at least 50% charged.

Return the bike to any click2cycle bike hire station and (using another phone) contact click2cycle on 07543 184210 and we will end the ride remotely.

If your phone is not charged, the app will not work and you cannot hire a bike.

Email and we will delete your account. You then need to delete the app on your phone.

You can report any issues to click2cycle on 07543184210 or email

When you log into the app, you can use the Google Map to zoom in or out to see where the bikes are located.

Yes. Bikes can be reserved for ten minutes by tapping on the bike on the interactive map.

Where there are additional tethers provided, attach the tether by its red eye, into the bike lock, then end the ride as normal on your smartphone. The bike will lock. If all tethers are full, please park the bike within the bike shelter, end the ride and if possible report that the bike has been left undocked using the help number.

In order to hire a bike, the account you use needs to hold a minimum of £20. If you have less than this, you cannot hire a bike.

Yes. When you have selected and unlocked the first bike, tap on the bike id to add another bike and repeat the procedure.

Yes. Your hire begins when you unlock the bike and ends when you dock and lock it at any Click2cycle Bike Hire station.