To rent a bike from click2cycle, you will need a smartphone and debit or credit card.


30 MINUTES / £2.00
  • Minimum hire: 1 HOUR / £4.00


  • 2 FREE 30 minute rides per day
  • Additional time 30 mins / £1.50

The Pay As You Go option gives you more flexibility if you simply want to run a quick errand, do a timed workout or perhaps combine your ride with a walk back to base.

If you are new to the area check out our Popular Trails for some ideas of where to go if time is short.

Your first hour costs £4 and each additional period of up to 30 minutes costs £2.00.

All payments are taken through the App, so once you have access to the LINKA GO app and entered your credit or debit card details you will be able to select the Pay As You Go option to begin your ride.

To end your rental, bikes must be returned to one of click2cycle’s bike stations. If a bike is not returned to a click2cycle bike station, you will continue to be charged until the bike has been Docked & Locked. The fee for a lost or stolen bike is £500.00

There is so much to see and do between Folkestone and Hythe but if you feel like exploring further afield for a longer or more challenging ride then the Monthly Pass may be just right for you.

The pass works on a monthly subscription of £8 and gives you 2 FREE 30 minute rides per day. Great for commuters! You then pay £1.50 for each subsequent period of 30 minutes. If you ride frequently, this plan can save you money over the Pay As You Go option. Our GPS tracking system will know the precise duration of your ride, right up to the moment that you return the bike to the Bike Hire Station.

Download the LINKA GO app to start your adventure