e-Bike Delivery & Collection Service

The Bellwether Shepherd's Hut

Quintessentially English, with privacy in droves. The perfect place to begin your two-wheeled adventure in the Kent countryside.

Book an e-Bike

Welcome to a new era of eco-conscious exploration, where adventure meets sustainability.

Each one of our partners boasts a unique set-up for your biking adventure, so, before booking your bike, we kindly ask you to please read the terms and conditions outlined below.

Our electric bikes

Enhance your stay by booking one of our elite Gazelle e-Bikes. Designed to meet the needs of all skill levels, these fully-serviced and maintained electric bikes are your ticket to explore the picturesque surroundings. So book today for unforgettable experience!

Our accessories

Remember, it's all about accessorising! Each of our bikes come equipped with a classic manual horseshoe lock on the back wheel for that essential security. But wait, there's more! We are thrilled to offer added protection with our robust combination locks and helmets. Ensuring your safety while you ride is our top priority and these accessories add that extra layer of security. Enjoy your ride fearlessly with our complimentary safety add-ons!