Folkestone Harbour

Bike Hire Station

This station is located within the car park adjacent Tontine St and the harbour

Bike Hire Station FAQ

Please download the app and use the live system map to check bike availability.

Yes, you can reserve a bike for up to 30mins using the click2cycle app.

Yes, you can hire up to four bikes at once from one account. Please note that ALL bikes hired will be the responsibility of the account holder and you will be subject to a pre-authorisation deposit for each bike hired.

Please use the live system map to locate an available bike from another one of our bike stations. In this scenario we would recommend that you reserve the bike(s) to avoid disappointment.

If all of the Dock & Lock arms are in use then please attempt to secure the bike using an available tether. To secure using a tether simply loop the cable eye over the lock and follow the normal locking routine via the app. Further instructions can be found on the station info-graphics. If all of the Dock & Lock arms AND tethers are in use then please find somewhere safe within the station to leave the bike and follow the same locking instructions via the app. Once secured, please let us know by raising a support ticket.

  1. If the lock is obstructed by a spoke then it will not secure successfully. In this scenario please rotate the front wheel slightly to remove the obstruction.
  2. If the lock is obstructed by the Dock & Lock eye then it will not secure successfully. In this scenario please adjust the position of the lock and make sure it is sitting correctly in the Dock & Lock eye.
  3. If your phone is dead and out of battery then please attempt to login to your account via a friends phone to off-hire. If this is not possible then please raise a support ticket or call our support telephone line.

Please raise a support ticket and let us know so we can visit the station and secure the bike.

There a number of reason why this might happen and some of them are out of our control/

  1. In order to use the app and unlock a bike you will need to have Bluetooth enabled
  2. Sometimes a local wi-fi (that you might have previously connected to) can interfere. If this is the case then please try disabling wi-fi on your phone and trying again.
  3. Things like mobile data, battery life and strength of signal by your provider are out of our control. So before attempting to hire a bike please make sure that you have checked these.

Yes, you can hire and off-hire your bike at any one of the bike hire stations on our Dover or Folkestone & Hythe network. Please refer to the live system map to locate your nearest bike hire station.